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Art and Marketing: An Exciting Collaboration

Marketing, apart from SEO and the use of backlink strategies – Link Building Services & Packages: 100% Editorial White-Hat Backlinks, collaborates with influencers behind the world of arts.

The Power of Collaboration

Today, the world is highly influenced by strong visuals as presented in major social media networks. That’s why eye-catching labels and designs play an important role in today’s marketing efforts. Regardless of age, people like to dwell on inspiring visuals, regardless of the social media platform – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even TikTok. The same is true in the real world, people like beautiful things, in the room, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the table, or even when you are out for travel. As the saying goes, Art is for everyone and it is definitely true for anyone from all walks of life.

In marketing, eye-catching visuals, original content, interesting stories, and good packaging attract the customer’s attention. In recent years, manufacturers of high-proof alcoholic beverages with artistically designed labels have attracted particular attention. In the meantime, champagne producers, as well as beer and water manufacturers, are also focusing on art on the label.

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Collaboration grow awareness of the artist along with the product

Collaboration with excellent, globally known artists is extremely preferred. Generally, the business gains from the degree of attention and the status of the artist. This is referred to as the multiplier effect. Obviously, the artist’s followers also help support the whole thing. A known illustration and leader of this has been Absolut Vodka. Around the 1980s, the business employed one of several modern-day arts, the pop art image Andy Warhol. The big accomplishment of the marketing campaign opened the way for even more famous collaborations using artists like Keith Haring and even professional photographer Annie Leibovitz. The famous Dom Pérignon has additionally made special editions together with the performer Björk, Karl Lagerfeld, as well as the excellent director David Lynch. With the slogan, Can you taste art, the Mumm sparkling wine developer is moving around with limited exclusive editions. Art also delivers its greetings through the beer segment which delights many art fans with its collection of art in many forms.

Marketing: Rely on newcomers and improve your image

Of course, it also works the other way around: Newcomers in the art industry who are even less well-known can increase their awareness through cooperation. A plus point for marketing: The promotion of art is enormously image-enhancing for companies. Such commitment is well received by the public. PepsiCo is currently following this path with its premium water LIFEWTR. The creatively designed labels should enable the artists to break through and increase their popularity.

Art campaigns beyond labels

Incidentally, as Absolut Vodka impressively proves, there is more potential in art campaigns than just label design. The Spritmuseum emerged from the former company museum of the vodka manufacturer. It presents exhibitions related to alcohol culture in Sweden. The company also presents the highly endowed art prize “Absolut Art Award”.

The topic of label design can be explored in greater depth. This created a separate exhibition area that offers an enormous number of suggestions, especially for marketing experts and manufacturers of labeling technology and labels. In addition, the new trends provide all marketing experts with a special source of inspiration for all forward-looking marketing strategies.