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Thera 360 Sauna: Your Portable Personal Sauna – Boost Brain Function And Creativity

There is a type of therapy that saunas follow. It is known as thermotherapy. For thousands of years, the therapy has existed, wherein traditional saunas in Finland being the ones most studied until this present day.

In general, saunas are small chambers/rooms heated to a temperature between 65°C (150°F) and 90°C (195°F), often with unpainted, wooden interiors and with temperature controls. Rocks may also be included as part of the heating element as they absorb as well as release heat. When water is poured on these rocks, steam is created. The main purpose of a sauna is for relaxation, where individuals mellow out in the heat. Saunas come in several type based on the way the room is heated, including:

  • WOOD. Wood is utilized to heat the sauna rocks and the room. Usually, this type of sauna has a low humidity and high temperature.
  • ELECTRICITY. Like saunas that make use of wood-burning, saunas that are electrically heated have low humidity and high temperatures. The heater is attached to the floor which heats the room.
  • INFRARED. Infrared saunas make use of special lamps that generates light waves to directly heat the body of the person, not the whole room as what wood-burning and electrically heated saunas do. Usually, while infrared saunas have lower temperatures (about 60°C) compared to other saunas, the person still perspires as they would in other types of saunas.
  • STEAM. Rather than dry heat, steam or moist heat is used and where humidity in the room is high.

Thera 360 Sauna – Your Portable and Personal Sauna

Because of the many benefits of sauna, a lot of people regularly visit the spa, sauna club or sauna house to take a sauna bath. Some were successful at building their own sauna room at home for easy and unlimited access, whereas others purchase a portable sauna as they are much cheaper but still provide the benefits of a traditional sauna.

Infrared saunas are particularly becoming popular these days. The thera 360 sauna is a portable sauna that features their TheraFusion™ InfraRed Technology and proprietary Natural Earth Element Full Spectrum Infrared heating panel that is fashioned with natural Tourmaline gemstones which produces a wealth of negative ions.

These negatively charged ions are believed to raise oxygen flow towards the brain, helping improve one’s focus, decrease drowsiness, as well as boost mental energy. These ions are also thought to increase the amounts of serotonin (happy chemical; mood stabilizer) in the brain.

With the portable thera 360 sauna, users can obtain the health benefits of saunas and enjoy their sauna sessions in the comforts of their own home.

Sauna Use Boosts Creativity and Brain Function

Among the health benefits of sauna baths or sauna therapy includes detoxification, reduced inflammation, pain relief, muscle relaxation, improved sleep quality, increased metabolic rate, better immune system, and boosted energy.

Apart from these, it is also though that regular use of sauna can boost one’s brain function as well as creativity. This is because sauna use raises the levels of two significant hormones that are crucial for brain function and creativity:

  • Norepinephrine – hormones that stimulates attention and focus
  • Prolactin – hormones that promotes the growth of myelin which help in faster brain function and aid in the repair of damage to nerve cells