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Egg Chairs as a Canvas: How Artists are Transforming Ordinary Seating into Unique Works of Art

Woman hanging out in an egg chair.


Egg chairs are not only a comfortable and stylish addition to any space, but they have also become a new medium for artistic expression. Artists have taken the iconic egg chair and transformed it into a unique canvas for their creative ideas, much like the designs of the hanging egg chairs at eggchairsireland. From hand-painted designs to intricate installations, egg chairs have become more than just a place to sit; they are now a piece of art.

One of the reasons egg chairs have become so popular with artists is their smooth, curved surface. The chair’s simple, yet elegant design allows for artists to work with the shape of the chair and create visually appealing patterns and designs. Whether it’s painting directly onto the chair or using it as a platform to showcase other art pieces, the egg chair provides endless possibilities for artistic expression.

Another reason egg chairs have become a popular medium for artists is their versatility. Egg chairs are available in a variety of materials, colors, and sizes, making them a perfect canvas for any artistic style. Whether you prefer the simplicity of a white fiberglass chair or the luxurious feel of a velvet chair, there is an egg chair that can fit your artistic vision.

Artists have also used egg chairs in various installations and exhibitions. One example is the “Eggstraordinary” art exhibition that was held in Singapore in 2018. The exhibition featured over 100 egg chairs that were transformed into unique works of art by local and international artists. The egg chairs were displayed throughout the city and provided a new perspective on the iconic chair.


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Egg chairs have also been used in art therapy programs. Art therapy is a form of therapy that utilizes the creative process of making art to improve an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The comfortable and secure nature of egg chairs provides a relaxing and calming environment for individuals to express themselves through art.


Egg chairs have become more than just a comfortable piece of furniture. They have become a canvas for artists to express their creativity and a platform for art exhibitions and installations. As egg chairs continue to grow in popularity, it will be interesting to see how artists continue to incorporate them into their work.