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Painting In The Bedroom

The typical person spends 8 hours every day in their bedroom. The bedroom is a place to unwind and enjoy romance. If you plan to design your bedroom, you should be aware that the atmosphere is determined by a lot of elements. Calming colors on your walls and in your chosen artwork create a peaceful ambiance in your bedroom, and if you want to buy a bed for your bedroom, head here to chesterfield bed where you can discover a comfortable and high-quality bed.

Color advise for a soothing bedroom

For a calm bedroom, it is best to choose a simple color palette. Earth tones are very suitable for this. The color blue also ensures a better, calmer night’s sleep. The colors green and yellow are also soothing colors for the bedroom. These colors make people sleep longer on average. The color red is known for giving energy. This may be a good idea in terms of passion, but it can have adverse effects on your sleep. Purple is therefore also less suitable for the bedroom.

Sober colors

Sober simple colors are easy to combine. The color variants on white and gray are often timeless and you can easily combine them with, for example, pastel shades. By using lots of calm colors, your bedroom will look bigger. It’s best if you match the art you are going to hang in a sober bedroom with this simple style. Photography art fits nicely in this type of interior. For example, the painting  Departing swan ‘ fits nicely in a sober bedroom.

Departing swanNatural shades

The natural shades such as clay, terracotta, sand color, and moss green radiate an honest, pure atmosphere. You go back to your roots, as it were. It is nice to have wooden furniture in this atmosphere, such as a desk made of scaffolding wood. A painting with an African background, such as Sossusvlei complements this set beautifully.

Colors that comfort Sossusvlei

Soothing colors for your bedroom allow you to relax. Cold blues make your room look cooler, while warmer blues give your room a cozier look. The painting  Cloud Blossom is ideal as art for a calming bedroom.

Cloud blossoms lifting colors

You can also choose to hang art with uplifting colors in your bedroom. This will put you in a cheerful mood when you open your eyes in the morning. You immediately get more energy. Think of the colors yellow and orange. Don’t let the colors pop too much for a soothing bedroom. The painting The Violin is a fine example of a calm painting in which the uplifting color yellow predominates.

The violinDark colors

If you are going to decorate your bedroom with dark colors, you should keep in mind that this choice will make your bedroom appear smaller. Dark colors make a bedroom more mysterious. Some people find a darkroom more stylish and ‘more expensive’ eyes. The abstract painting ‘ Pearl ‘ looks beautiful on a chocolate brown wall.