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The Relationship Between Art and Cosmetics



You may wonder what links artwork and makeup, two apparently diametrically opposed worlds, but the very first touching the depths of the spirit, the 2nd restricted to the outside layer of epidermis: 1, eternal, another, shallow.

However, they are united with their driving power: the pursuit of attractiveness

Art presupposes a continuous and boundless pursuit of beauty even though in the twentieth century, this had been about assaulting longstanding beliefs and customs. We recognize artistic attractiveness by the aesthetic emotion that it arouses.

Beauty by means of a number of networking: canvas, construction materials, or audio; newspaper, the major screen, or the point.

Beauty for many different functions: enjoyment, political announcement, or private catharsis.

Philosophers tell us it’s practically impossible to live with art, since the pursuit of beauty provides our own lives religious significance, exceeds our personal existence, and distinguishes us from animals. The arrival of humankind is inextricably entwined with the arrival of an artistic quest.

Artistic beauty is a healthful human character.


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Still, makeup pursues a similar, albeit thinner, target, limited to individuals and their overall look.

The epidermis is your very first “moderate” of any individual connection, in addition to a person’s internal/external border. We recognize aesthetic beauty from the feelings — societal or enjoying — it arouses.

Makeup is predicated on the premise that includes matter hardly any (human beauty is subjective), but in contrast, the care we take of our skin wellbeing can reflect a picture of beauty.

Cosmetic attractiveness is healthy skin. That is why facial cleansing brushes, as featured at Ponfish, have a big role to play when it comes to skincare.

So, artwork and makeup can be viewed as highly harmonious worlds, on account of their ceaseless shared origin: that the eminently human pursuit of attractiveness.

But they are rarely found together. Cosmetic marketing was trotting out the very exact messages and images for decades — because it hastens itself to market industrial formulations with reduced levels of active components and also elevated levels of petrochemicals. Although occasionally inventive, this isn’t an artistic strategy.

Some manufacturers host concerts or displays and play a part in residential renovations, which is highly commendable.
But, not many of these have embraced a really artistic strategy and get it written in their DNA. There are just 1 means to do this: by providing artists someplace to express themselves openly.