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10 Tools Every Artist Should Have When Traveling In An RV



I feel being a traveler and being an artist have been just two lifestyles that go nicely together — such as peanut butter and chocolate. Assuming this is accurate, it seems the RV’ing and artwork will also be harmonious.

After residing full-time within my RV for the previous 3 years, I found they do work nicely together. But, I ran to special challenges when attracting my painting onto the street with us.

Challenges I have struck:

  • Space at RVs is very limited, therefore it is very important to decorate art equipment
  • For artists that paint within the RV with acrylic paints (such as me), sufficient ventilation is essential!

When arranging our RV, Rich and I shopped for a few artwork organizers to enhance my own art equipment. And because I use acrylic paints and turpentine for a brush cleaner, then I chose to look at odorless turps, also.

So aside from RV essentials from a toothbrush to the best RV shower head, I’ll discuss the best organizers I’ve discovered for artists that RV or travel.

Solutions for Travel Artists — Best ten organizers and tools

First, you are going to need a place to store your equipment tools and organizers.

I removed a space beneath my dinette in which all of my supplies reside. It is all roughly the size of a large skillet at 24″ x H x 18″ W x 18″ D. There is a pic of the space at the bottom of this article.

By producing a compact artwork storage area, your equipment is prepared for simple access whenever you are ready to paint.

The majority of these art organizers and tools will fit into your RV’s storage area.

1. Apparent Sterilite Storage Box

That can be an organizer I made from home and that I discovered works nicely in our RV, also. Mine is the ideal size to house all of my smaller materials, and steps 18-1/8″ L x 12-1/4-W x 7-1/2″ H. It is made of plastic so it is ideal for holding brush cleanup materials, palettes, utilized paint rags, charcoal, and transport paper, and X-acto blades, and much more. It is possible to even place smaller drawer-type organizers within the box, therefore provides stay put while the RV is shifting. This storage container clogs in any possible paint or solvent scents, making it valuable to acrylic painters such as me. I put my storage container on the ground of my artwork storage area, as it is the greatest item in the marketplace.

2. Masterson Sta-Wet Palette

This streamlined palette is excellent for a few explanations. To begin with, it is coated, so it keeps your oil or oil paints moist between applications. I do not paint each week, and this cover works nicely for me. The palette also will come with different sheets of paper, assisting paints to maintain their oils. Plus it is lightweight and little at 8.5″L x 7″W x 1″H, so that it easily fits in my own storage container.

3. Glass Brush Cleaning Tank

This really can be a must-have for many artists using oil paints. The brush washing machine is made up of a covered jar that seals tightly and features a pliable net screen. I use it in order to wash my bigger artist brushes, together with all the mesh helping separate the turps in the paint. These wipes equally fit within my storage container, which can help protect the ground of my artwork storage space from possible spills, breaks, or leaks.

4. Creative Options Stow’n’Go Shoulder Bags

I utilize the Creative Options Stow’n’Go Shoulder Tote to put away my paint tubes and it is maybe my favorite artwork secretary! It includes four plastic piling craft bins, and every bin has a lot of pockets. I’ve got around 25 medium-sized Grumbacher paint tubes, that match perfectly in the pockets. Bins are coordinated by color household: neutrals at the upper bin; yellows and beiges at the next; blues and greens at the 3rd bin; along with oranges and reds at the floor. The very top of every bin pops shut, including any paint aromas. A zippered cover retains the bag and its own bins neatly piled and included. There is also a shoulder strap attached to this bag, simple carrying. I maintain the bag in my artwork storage area, beside the storage container.


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5. Mona Lisa Odorless Paint Thinner

For artists using oil paints, buttery paint thinner is just yet another should MUST if functioning in any little area. I was used to painting inside our residence, along with my turps and skinnier frees up space for times. I knew we could not have these fumes within our 230 square-foot RV and till I attempted that odorless thinner, so I figured I would only have the ability to paint out. But after I discovered just how odorless it is really, I have been painting within the RV without any issues.

6. Heritage Alvin Paintbrush Holder

I initially purchased this mobile paintbrush holder because of its freedom. But, I have discovered this to be the very ideal brush holder for different reasons also. It is shaped just like a very lengthy laptop and retains all my 20 paintbrushes.

Brushes slide to the base pocket and are kept in position using a sewn-in ring, and a velcro strap secures it closely. It converts to status tent place when I am decorating, for simple accessibility to brushes. When not being used, it folds flat and features a built-in carrying deal.

7. 16-inch x 20-inch Stretched Artist Canvas

Based upon how big your RV, you are able to take an assortment of canvas sizes along together with you. The more storage space you’ve got, the bigger canvases you’re able to bring. I decided a 16″x20″x 5/8″ styled canvas was the biggest that I could transport and shop from our RV.

For acrylic paintings: When contemplating your highest canvas size, then you will want to search for somewhere to keep it if your art is drying or through traveling. See the reason why I purchased a Handled Portfolio under #8 to keep my own painting because I did not have space beneath my dinette to get a moist canvas.

8. Handled Portfolio

As previously stated, all of my other art materials reside within our dinette chair, but the moist canvas will not firmly fit in there. I use this portfolio to put away my moist canvas while it’s drying out and throughout traveling. It matches perfectly beneath the couch, involving the pull-out ottoman and also the base of the couch, with a couple of inches to spare. This semi-clear Handled Portfolio is an ideal size and form: 24-3/4″L 3/4″W x 18-3/4″ D. This dimension allows for the additional space required around the borders of the 16″ x 20″ canvas. And in 3/4″ profound, it leaves sufficient space so it does not touch the moist canvas surface.

9. Sketch Book

I really don’t know about you, but I carry a sketchpad. I enjoy the 24″ L x 18″ W dimension since it is a little larger than my own canvas. I use this to sketch the components that will enter my picture painting. For example, right now I am producing an underwater landscape, and that I drew the bass, lobster, along other underwater creatures on my sketch pad, so to make sure my scale and makeup look right. I then move the creatures onto my sea painting, using transport paper.

10. Lightweight Multi-purpose Aluminum Easel w/ Traveling Bags

I often paint the couch or within a semi-reclined seat, holding my picture in my lap and in an angle. But occasionally I love to take a seat at a desk with a seat, therefore a tabletop easel is useful. I determined to a 24″H easel, that retains my canvas vertical, also doubles as a rack to securely exhibit my painting once we are not traveling.

When not being used, it folds down into just 4-inches broad.

These organizers and tools have made it considerably easier for me to paint while still RVing….which leaves me a happy camper! And since they are compact, it will help us maintain our overall RV burden as low as you can.

For fellow oil painters, the rancid turps is very useful, letting you paint on your RV with virtually no scents — particularly in the event that you crack a couple of windows.

By producing an efficient artwork storage area and utilizing organizers such as the one pictured this, your artwork materials can travel safely on your RV. Or it is possible to ship up them instead, and they’re able to travel with you onto a train, a bus, or possibly a trip — without the solvents, needless to say.

Happy painting!