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How Visual Artists Can Leverage TikTok To Get Followers



By now you have likely heard of TikTok. It is a program where you’re able to create short videos together with songs, filters, and other ramifications to talk about with your own followers as well as other people utilizing hashtags, very similar to Instagram. I have been experimenting with developing a subsequent on the market so that I wanted to discuss some strategies for how performers may utilize TikTok to enlarge their audience.

You might believe the program is just for teens, but you can now find Millennials as well as Grandmas amassing substantial followings around TikTok, and with a terrific time doing this. For serious follower gains, you can get help from the pros at Tiktop to achieve more followers fast!

The Way to Utilize TikTok for Artists

Create an account and just watch

See videos that appear on your “for one” page. Initially, there’ll be lots of different topics but since you “enjoy” and socialize the algorithm will start to show you longer movies conducive to your own interests.

As an artist, then you are going to want to follow different artists to find inspiration for those sorts of movies you are able to possibly create on TikTok. It is possible to locate them together using hashtags or simply by linking with folks from the other social networking stations.

Start experimenting

It requires time to understand how to use different tools, filters, and add audio, and so forth. You’re able to produce videos and save them as a draft, and then return and choose which ones to place. Do not be overly worried about perfection. Folks like to view “actual” and “unfiltered” lifetime on TikTok.

There are a number of excellent tutorials on Youtube for how to utilize the many tools.

Assess the Discover webpage to get trending hashtags

Most are connected to a certain tune or movie style. You’re able to work these tendencies into your movies, such as the “wipe down it”. Do not feel bound to do so but it may provide you a few tips for videos and also enable you to get more perspectives.

ALWAYS join a song into a video

Utilize “Trending” tunes where potential.

Insert a few hashtags

However, do not go overboard. In case you really did a struggle or fashion, be certain that you incorporate the hashtag for this fashion, and a few other related ones. 3-4 hashtags per movie are sufficient.


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Cross Share your own TikTok Videos to Other Programs

It’s possible to download your own TikTok movies on your telephone to talk about the other programs. By Way of Example, Pinterest. It’s possible to add a URL for a TikTok profile, or even your own site. I have seen massive growth in my Pinterest stats because submitting brief paintings or drawing clips I generated in TikTok.

It is also possible to discuss your movies to Instagram Stories straight from the program, and also more lately Instagram Reels! My Instagram followers really like to see my procedure videos. Instagram Stories may also be shared with Facebook Stories also with a single click.

TikTok Video Suggestions for Artists

Below is a listing of movie suggestions to get you started discussing your own art TikTok.

***Remember, the best video span is about 15-30 minutes long.

  • Process movies. Share the way you produce your artwork. This might be in the real-time or time-lapse format (I typically generate time-lapse movies out of the program, then edit at Tiktok later).
  • Close installments of yourself producing in real timesharing your procedure.
  • Finished art shows. Begin with your telephone on the art and gradually pull out till it comes into consideration. Or, put multiple artwork pieces on a desk along with songs. You might even stand holding among your artwork pieces and gradually turn it about to show the item (such as my movie over).
  • Actual life, behind the scenes. Prove yourself and your character. Folks really like to find out that you are and associate with you. You might have your art in the background and also utilize text onto the display to discuss something such as your own conflicts as an artist, the more inspiration behind your artwork, or perhaps something completely irrelevant to your artwork. It does not need to be art all of the time.
  • An artwork twist on videos that are trending. As stated previously, utilize the tendencies on the Discover webpage to inspire your personal videos, and set an artsy twist on these.
  • Tutorials. Share your own understanding. Straightforward drawing or painting movies for novices. Or a tutorial about how you began selling decals, or some other business-related.
  • Duets and struggles. You can duet along with different artists or individuals who create barriers to raise your market or try something new!