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5 Tips for CG Artist Recruitment

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Today, to share tips for artists getting started within the industry, Marilyn Friedman – Animation Mentor VFX member and former Head of Outreach for DreamWorks Animation – drops by the Animation Mentor blog. Assessing university academic programs as they pertained to the studio’s varied production needs, Friedman spearheaded the Dreamworks’ educational outreach initiatives.

In staffing all animation studio production and technology groups, Marilyn led DWA’s world-class team of recruiters before her outreach role. She was to blame for the continued staffing of Academy Award-winning Shrek further because of the sequel, Shrek 2. The primary and second computer-generated films to be produced at DreamWorks Feature Animation, Shark Tale and Over the Hedge, also came under her watch.

We are grateful to Friedman for sharing some of them here on the blog as she is filled with insightful information for aspiring artists. Here are her five recruiter tips that top recruiters are doing. Enjoy!


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1. Production experience

For eager, young individuals meaning to enter this field any form of production experience is immensely useful. The foremost obvious would be to get an internship, although it will be difficult to return given the number of accessible spots.

2. Be a part of a sequence

Engaged in a collaborative project during school would be a solid way of demonstrating an understanding of the assembly pipeline. A 15 or 30-second animation shot will be dealt out among several individuals. Everyone on its team has a region of responsibility and is working within a pipeline – towards a standard goal – on schedule and on a budget! Working collaboratively may be a key “soft skill” and is another good outcome of functioning on a team within a pipeline.

3. Learn to find out

Don’t think you’re an expert, or are “done.” On the contrary, this industry has never been static and is additionally not for the faint inside. Stay current together with your CG skills and always work to boost your soft skills.

4. Know the industry

Know the businesses that require your skillset. Know what’s possible, attainable, and your passion. There are growing needs for college students with animation, visual effects, and digital media skills in other industries. These are all game-changers. Working in high-end VFX and having animation studios might not be the “only” career option you’ll be able to make a choice from.

5. Networking is critical

Industry affiliations are a straightforward way to stay connected with like-minded people, moreover as be visible to potential employers. As an example, volunteering at events like SIGGRAPH or CTNx is a huge opportunity for learning, exposure to the industry, and dealing with professionals on an ongoing basis.

And if you wish a bit extra encouragement, just remember what James Cameron once said, “There are many talented those who haven’t fulfilled their dreams because they overthought it, or they were too cautious and were unwilling to form the leap of religion.”