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Watching TV Shows to Learn Art and Music

Watching Art shows on TV with kids


Into your regular homeschool routine, do you need help working art and music? Good news: the solution could be as simple as some well-planned TV time. Watching the correct music and art TV shows, that are available through abonnement IPTV or IPTV subscription, can go a protracted thanks to making sure the arts have a spot in your homeschool days.

While there’s an abundance of viewing options for subjects like history, math, and science, the choices for the humanities aren’t quite as plentiful. Even so, the shows available for art and music can still be incredibly helpful with incorporating the humanities into a busy homeschool day or season.


Music-themed TV Shows


My kids both loved Disney’s Little Einsteins after they were younger, but I’ve always loved the way this preschool series infuses music and art into each episode. While I appreciate the stress on famous works of art, I especially appreciate how each adventure highlights a major piece of music even more.

Not only is that piece of music weaved into the background music of the episode, but it’s also worked into the storyline itself, making it a natural, playful thanks to learning music appreciation through TV.


If you’re looking to feature some comprehensive biographical study in your TV time, this one could be a good way to be told more about well-known composers. Maestro, available through Prime Video, is a documentary-style series and features one composer per episode.

Worth noting, due to its length and documentary-style presentation, Maestro is maybe best-suited for middle schoolers and teenagers.


On the opposite end of the viewing spectrum, BabyFirst’s The Notekins series could be a perfect music-themed program for your littlest learners. The series features seven friends who represent each note. In each episode, The Notekins visit an instrument and explore fundamental music concepts along the way.

Art TV Option for Teens

Available through Amazon Prime Video and YouTube are most of my favorite art TV options. Here’s a fast have a look at them:


Ideal for introducing art to elementary kids, this YouTube cartoon channel features a series of short biographies on well-known artists from around the world. While perusing their playlists, you’ll find episodes covering Leonardo engineer, Michelangelo, Vincent Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Degas, Rousseau, Henri Emile Benoit Matisse, Jackson Pollock, and lots of more.


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The Art for Beginners series on Amazon Prime could be a great option for homeschool art instruction. In these short tutorials, Em Winn walks viewers through the method of making kid-friendly art projects using watercolors, acrylics, pastels, and more. Don’t let that throw you off as the episodes themselves are cataloged as movies on Prime. The whole series is worth checking into!

  • Drawing and Watercolor: Painting an Abstract Face
  • Drawing and Painting: Pear with Oil Pastels
  • Drawing and Watercolor Painting Birds in Birdcages
  • Drawing and Watercolor Painting a Mandala Design
  • How to Paint an Abstract with Acrylics

There are plenty of other episodes during this Art for Beginners series. You’ll browse the remainder by looking for Art for Beginners on Amazon Prime or by scrolling through your “customers also watched” area.


My kiddos and I are huge Bob Ross fans, so there’s no way I can make a listing of art TV shows that don’t include his iconic thrill of Painting series.

I realize these paintings aren’t necessarily beginner-friendly, but there’s still plenty to find out from these episodes. From terminology and techniques to encouragement and inventive thinking for moments gone wrong, this show is an untapped resource for homeschooling families.


Amazon’s Creative Galaxy may be a fantastic art TV show for younger elementary kids and preschoolers!

As they find unique ways to unravel problems through creativity, it follows the story of Arty, Epiphany, and other friends. Each episode ends with a related art project or activity that children can enjoy, making this far more than a show to observe.

Also, unlike many TV shows for youths, these activities and projects usually give the looks of some kids are hanging out together instead of “at school.” That alone makes Creative Galaxy especially homeschool-friendly.


I love this video series of art tutorials because it does an amazing job of empowering and inspiring kids to possess fun with art. We mostly intercommunicate Art for teenagers Hub for the character-based drawing tutorials, but there are many episodes that feature specific art mediums. Those may be especially helpful in helping kids get comfortable with new or less-familiar varieties of art.