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Apps for art, culture and night out


The world is full of art and culture. We have to find it. Discover the most hidden museums and exhibitions, the smallest theaters, and even the craziest operas, thanks to new digital tools. Or learn about objects that are very unobtrusive. Sometimes even near you. Make unprecedented cultural discoveries with these cultural apps – see Cydia free.


Wikipedia is an encyclopedia for everyone that everyone knows. What is not well known is that many of the entries have geographic coordinates. Earlier versions of the Wikipedia app were able to find “near” Wikipedia entries based on the location of the smartphone.

Wikipedia has since removed this feature from the app. However, the independent app Geopedia will continue to perform this feature and use OpenStreetMap’s free maps. The app also supports Android’s native text-to-speech engine, which can read Wikipedia articles aloud.

– Download Geopedia from the Play Store
– Price: Free, no ads
– In-app purchase: None



Are you attending an exhibition and want to know more about the photos on display? Smartify scans your photos and works of art to prepare the appropriate description. To listen as a kind of audio guide, you need to purchase each content individually. The app also searches for museums and galleries in your area.

– Download Smartify from the Play Store
– For free
– In-app purchase: Yes, content


DailyArt Daily Art History

Why did Van Gogh cut off his ears? Who is the woman in Picasso’s portrait? How did Jackson Pollock create his photo? DailyArt displays familiar images and provides lesser-known background information about the work of art and its creator. This app is also an exciting horizontal entry for those unfamiliar with the art.

– Download DailyArt from the Play Store
– Price: Free, Advertising
– In-app purchases: Yes, one-time € 6.49, delete ads


Facebook Local

Not all bars, galleries, cinemas, and restaurants have their own websites. But almost all of them have Facebook entries. Facebook is aware of this and publishes its own app for personal travel planning with Local. The abundance of places is similar to that of Google Maps. However, what makes the app special is the trap.

Locally, you can add locations to calendar lists and events. Notify your friends and get notified at the right time so you don’t miss anything on the go. You need a Facebook account locally.

– Download Facebook Local from Play Store
– For free
– In-app purchase: None