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Giving Away Homemade Art For Christmas

Would you like to give away something for the next Christmas that is really something special for the recipient? Your gift doesn’t have to be something fancy from shops like Shein, Ralph Lauren, or Solo Gifts. You can give something that you made yourself and call it art. If you do not feel that you are financially up to the traditional art market and have not yet really explored the new sales channels on the Internet, where you can purchase a large selection of artistic works inexpensively, perhaps you can give away art that you have produced yourself.

Enlist your child’s creativity to make art

Well, even if you’re not a Picasso, there are some ideas on how to make artistic or craft items yourself that you can use to bring real joy to other people.

You can even encourage your kids to paint pictures that can be categorized somewhere between art and design. Encourage your child’s creativity. It is best to give your children a connecting topic so that creations can arise that can really inspire an adult.

For example, enlist your children to decorate granny’s kitchen with their work of art. You can use paper cuttings to hang in the kitchen. Or frame a paper cutting on food and other kitchen items that you can hang on the wall fronting the work table.

Adults can do art too

Adults are (unfortunately) mostly far beyond the realm of uninhibited and free artistic development. In other words, you only dare to give art as a gift when an art connoisseur has assured you that the watercolor / the photo print / the lead glasswork / is really artistically valuable and therefore exquisite enough to be given away.

There are many people who are actually into handmade things. It doesn’t matter whether they are called art or just something that please the eye because they have a particularly beautiful design or are made of particularly beautiful material.

And this is exactly how you as an adult come out of the “I-don’t-dare-to-make-art” bias – with a kind of mental trick:

  • They do not make art – and do not claim to be – they simply make something beautiful themselves that exactly matches the preferences of the recipient and is therefore sure to please them, and leave it up to them to perhaps even call it the gift of art.
  • The “art” can definitely lie in the beauty of the material, in the calming effect that simple and beautiful design unfolds in repetition, or in the idea of ​​getting help with the production of unusual handicraft work.
  • You can get a unique and beautiful knitted scarf with a single flower as a pattern, the stem of which is embroidered with a leaf suggestion. Anyone can do this with appropriately thick needles. You could do calligraphy and give your best friend a whole new cooking feeling by making very special stickers for your beautiful spice containers.
  • In the big city you can try out almost everything for the purpose of making gifts that the recipient might like and enjoy, and while studying you can also create a small work of art, for example, a self-made glass bead. Even in smaller towns, there are always some artists who could ask you if you can experiment with the materials used under supervision.

As long as you stay out of the area of ​​kitsch-laden door wreaths made of synthetic material and the like and prefer valuable materials and simple shapes, there is a high probability that something tasteful will emerge.

With this in mind, we wish you a nice, contemplative, and, above all, creative pre-Christmas season!