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Computer Games, Art and Reality

Computer games are the art form of this age. Therefore, they are also an exciting object of observation. The designer of the best god sim sand box game includes art form in the design. This way, players can enjoy not only the game itself. They can be fascinated with the design used for the different creatures in the game.

It is possible that never before in the history of mankind has there been so much gaming as today. After the toy computer and mobile derivatives such as portable play devices or cell phones began, their triumphant advance and penetrated all niches of life.

Interactive games in increasingly realistic simulations

This is only possible with digital media, which have opened up a new dimension in gaming. As an individual player, you also enter a virtual world that reacts to the actions of the player immersed in it at lightning speed. And for the first time, you play against non-human actors who can act in increasingly complex ways thanks to AI or Artificial Intelligence. The player uses vehicles or wander through ever larger and more varied worlds through other movements and fight bouts.

How artists integrate digital games

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The digital game has not only become an entertainment but an art form of this age as well. Digital games also have the character of a total work of art. The reason for this is that they integrate a lot of the traditional art movements. And at the same time on a different aesthetic stage with other products and distribution.

Above all raises forms of reception that are not compatible with the conditions of traditional art even if some artists try to integrate the computer game as a traditional work of art. Some artists try to integrate it into traditional art channels. They use museum, art market, and conventional art criticism to introduce digital games.

The art of play encompasses expression, flair and creativity. And you live out stories through your actions. An art form has historical lineage and rules just like games. Art and computer games are art because you engage with and talk about them in meaningful ways. In addition, they affect people deeply.