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Designing The Driveway Artistically

The first impression counts. This applies not only to people but to houses as well. That is why the design of the driveway is just as important as the choice of the right house wall color, for example. Driveways paved by Sussex will not only serve as a driveway but can enhance the beauty of your house if designed in a charming way.

Design the Driveway with Gravel or Crushed Stone

Uncomplicated, inexpensive, and made easy: this is how you design your driveway with crushed stone, gravel or chippings. SussexThis variant is particularly interesting for do-it-yourselfers, as it is very easy to implement. Another advantage is that the rainwater runs off without any problems. The ideal structure of such a driveway begins with weed control. This is followed by a 30 cm thick layer of gravel and a 6 cm thick layer of laying sand. Ideally, you should place honeycombs on the floor for stabilization. This way, no lanes or puddles can form. At the end, there is the visible, about 2-centimeter thick surface layer made of crushed stone, gravel or chippings. The difference between these materials is size and shape. Stones between 32 to 63 millimeters in size are called gravel or crushed stone. The difference is that gravel consists of rounded stones, gravel of sharp-edged rubble stones. Smaller stones are called chippings. You can easily design this variant. However, if you want your driveway to look artistic then you may ask the help of professionals.

The Classic: Paving stones for Your Driveway

You can design your driveway particularly individually with paving stones because the possibilities are almost endless. You don’t just have to choose between a wide variety of materials, colors, and formats. There are also countless laying patterns or how about a mix of materials? Whether concrete or natural stone, laying the driveway with paving stones can also be done on your own. When planning, however, you should plan a small slope and a drainage channel so that rainwater can drain off without problems. The substructure for a paved driveway must be up to half a meter deep. With natural stone, it should be up to 80 centimeters.