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Know How to Access and Use the Instagram Clipboard

instagram marketingFamoid, a social media marketing services provider, draws attention to the Instagram Clipboard in this page: https://famoid.com/what-is-instagram-clipboard. Apparently, users find this tool confusing, not knowing that the tool can be accessed and used only through Instagram Stories.

Not many are even aware of a Clipboard as a useful art tool when needing to paste a copied text or image in another content or posts. While Google allows pasting directly from the browser to a document, Instagram does not give users the same capability. The reason is to avoid copyright issues that might involve the photo-sharing platform.

instagram marketingAfter all, Instagram usage is quite high especially in the US, to which having a Clipboard as a tool, can make sharing of images of people’s lives and their pets, can make copying and pasting anywhere a lot easier. That is basically what a clipboard does in most applications. Not in Instagram though because an IG user can access it for usage only through IG Stories; Here’s how to access and your device’s Clipboard when needing to paste a copied image on an Instagram post.

Desktop Computer
When about to copy from the web, tap and hold the web image so you can copy it on your desktop. The copied image will be stored in the Clipboard of the Gallery section.
To paste an image on an IG Story, go to Instagram and then tap to select the Gallery image you intend to paste on your IG Stories Post.

To paste the selected Gallery image, choose another Gallery image and then tap the Text icon on the upper right. Once the cursor gets into view, paste the copied image on the extra image selected.

Android/iOS Device
First off, choose the web image you want to share and copy by simultaneously clicking on Control and C, just as you normally do using any device. Generally, the device will indicate that the image or text has been added to the Clipboard.
Go to your Instagram account and then press the plus sign (+) to gain direct access to the Gallery section.
Pick any photo in your gallery and then click Next to continue. Select a filter and click Next again. Once you are already on the last stage, tap and hold the “Write a caption…” field. The keypad will appear and you will see an icon of a clipboard on the upper bar.
Tap the Clipboard icon, which will lead you to the image you copied, which you can now paste in the Instagram Stories.