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Direct Private Messaging Between Music Idols and Fans

chat messaging serviceA chat messaging service that enables music artists to directly communicate to fans, by way of private text could pose as the epitome of User Experience (UX). A music icon can strengthen the bond that connects him or her to loyal followers who do not think twice in supporting artists who bring them much enjoyment through their songs.
After all, it’s a different experience altogether if fans have an app to use to directly communicate with their idol. It’s like being given a chance to express appreciation, concern or simply convey heartwarming messages that will keep their idols inspired. Musicians who are finally seeing progress in their endeavours are all the more kept busy with rehearsals, shows and public appearances. Ideally, it’s important for them to stay in touch with fans who truly appreciate the essence of their artistic inclinations.

Private Messaging App Between Idols and Fans : A South Korean Contribution

The concept of providing fans with a messaging app with which to communicate with artists is a concept of the South Korean music industry. The idea works on the principle of furnishing links to K-pop idols and their fans, for both local and global coverage.

private messagingThere are several direct messaging (DM) apps offering such service to be available in artist communities. The Weverse DM for example does not require every community member to install an application. Instead, Weverse DM provides the service to customers or fans who want to use the messaging tool in an artist community.
According to the CEO of Weverse, Choi Joon-won, the establishment of a global fandom platform has achieved overwhelming support across cities, regions and countries where there are millions of active users.

Is the Exchange of Private Messages Between K-Pop Stars and Fans for Real

The music companies managing the careers of prominent K-Pop stars admit that fans are only made to feel they are receiving private messages written for them by their idol. In reality. none of the K-Pop stars reply individually to every fan that sends a message
The goal of the UX design is to give fans the user experience of being able to chat directly with their favorite idols. Doing so strengthens fans’ emotional attachment to their favorite stars. Some fans even pay to experience the direct messaging interactions inside a private mobile chat room.