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Technology is Not Compromising our Creativity

Critics claim that technology is limiting our capacity for creativity, yet when properly applied, it may have quite the opposite effect.

Technology is criticized for a variety of reasons, one of which is that it hinders or outright kills creativity especially if you have plenty of Instagram followers, otherwise, check out instagram followers panel. The critics assert that technology accomplishes this in many ways.

For instance, they claim that the smartphone’s ability to keep us occupied whenever boredom threatens prevents us from thinking creatively as we could otherwise. And the Internet, according to detractors, provides us with an infinite supply of content that we can use as a model for anything and draw from, duplicate, or even steal. Meanwhile, social media acts as an echo chamber for our thoughts, reducing the creative conflict that generates novel ideas. Overall, it appears that technology, creativity, and innovation are at odds in the views of many people.

Information is fostering creativity rather than stifling it.

But does technology restrict artistic freedom? The general population was informed that this outcome would occur when the first video games were introduced. Science now demonstrates that playing video games can actually encourage people to become more creative.

Despite the fact that video games constitute only a minor portion of what we refer to as technology, the negative reaction that comes along with any big cultural change can be seen in the claim that technology in general kills creativity. Additionally, there are always drawbacks to major change. Even in terms of creativity and unique thought, the advantages of technology vastly exceed these negatives.

Technology expanding the audience for artists

Technology not only supports creativity, but also fosters it. Anyone with an Internet connection can improve their skills and be inspired by others through websites like YouTube, and meeting sites enable aspiring musicians, authors, and filmmakers to come together and discuss concepts and methods.

Technology has eliminated obstacles to artistic accomplishment that existed in the past. Because of the Internet, artists from remote communities can reach a large audience on the other side of the world, and as a result, we can enjoy forms of creativity that were inspired by quite different civilizations, which enrich our own.