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Proven Effective Tips on Taking the Best Instagram OOTD Photos

I upload several photos to my instagram account almost every day. I am sure you know that you don’t need a glam squad and a photog to get a really great mens bomber jackets photo– like when my parents and I go on all those adventures, she’s my photographer! Here are some tips to achieving an amazing shot of your outfit of the day.


I prefer to take all my outfit of the day pictures in front of plain walls. This keeps the focus on my clothing, keeps my feed cohesive, with plenty of coordinating tones and colors. It appears as though it needs plenty of effort but it’s really not. Keep your eyes uncovered, chances are there’s one inside walking distance of your house, school, and work.


Even if you have the whole picture organized down to the features, lighting is very essential. Natural light is perfect for #OOTDs and selfies too. I prefer to have the light in front of me and try to evade having several shadows on my face.


Achieving the perfect pose can be really hard. I prefer to practice in front of a mirror so I know which poses looks perfect for each outfit. Try to take note of the poses that make you look and feel your prettiest. Learn your best sides and most favorable angles.


It is not forbidden to sit down, so try a seated pose some time. I particularly prefer them since they make my legs look slimmer and longer.


Have someone who is taking the images keep capturing all while you’re making tiny or subtle movements. This will provide you a great assortment of images and poses to pick from.

How Playing Video Games Makes Us Creative

From action-packed shooter plays to exciting strategy games, we love a great video game. As technology progresses and game developers keep producing new content, there appears to be a new game to try each day. Fortunately for gamers with housetech like us, there are several advantages to playing video games that will motivate you to continue playing — as if you required another goal.

1. Memory

Several video games need some serious plan and company. If you have ever created your own civilization in Minecraft or worked for your life in Fortnite, you know how significant it is to memorize where you obtained particular resources or where you have to go next. With 3D graphics and immersive audio, video game settings are remarkably strong in stimuli. Driving the practical world of video games is now very comparable to operating the real world. As a matter of fact, exploring video game universes can have a definite influence on memory in your day to day life.

2. Spatial Imagination

On top of enhancing your spatial memory, playing video games also encourages you to imagine space better. A 2013 study from the American Psychological Association revealed that shooter video games enhance how you think about objects in three dimensions. Gamers are more reliable at determining distances among objects or psychologically revolving objects to visualize how they might fit into a space.

3. Knowledge and Vision

The gamer’s brains were able to prepare visual stimuli more efficiently, and this advancement in perception persisted for months after the experiment ended. This developed perception has significant real-life advantages, such as being able to keep track of your colleagues or acquaintances better in a crowd or see something you have abandoned in the grass.

4. Decision Making

Faster decision-making is beneficial in everyday life, as you can achieve more when you make trivial decisions instantly. Instead of wasting time discussing what shirt to wear, you can get real work done. Making decisions instantly can also have more severe implications. Just like being confronted with an trick in a shooter game, quick decisions are essential when facing a serious situation in real life, such as a car that might hit you on the road.

Why You Must Start the Act of Sewing

I think there are plenty of reasons people come to a screeching halt when it comes to tailoring. Stuff like winding a bobbin or using a machine are just too much for them to learn. They have difficulty breathing at the thought of including a zipper or creating a buttonhole. What if a needle tears or the bobbin runs out of yarn? It’s all too much and so they never start since small things overwhelm them. But think again and consider the benefits below:

1. Home Decor

Throughout the home, sewing can be an absolute door opener. With a cheap sewing machine you can buy online, you can take a builder’s standard home and turn it into something magazine-worthy. And it doesn’t require plenty of skill or time either. If you can cast fabric and sew a vertical line then you can make throw cushions and decorations for every room in your house.

With a short practice, you can create a fabric-covered headboard, improve dining room chairs, slipcover an unused chair, or design some personalized kitchen cloths.

2. Children

Sewing for children could be a whole blog post ~ we will opt to cut it into tinier bits here. First, there is the apparent reason: sewing children’s clothes. There certainly isn’t much to creating a basic collected skirt for a small girl or a cute t-shirt for a boy. Both of these don’t need plenty of skill and your little one will totally adore them.

3. It’s Eco-Friendly

If you’re worried about the atmosphere then stitching should unmistakably be your thing. Sewing permits you to repurpose almost everything made from fabric. Thrift shops and yard sales will net you the largest collection of fabrics expecting to be converted.

Upcycled thrift store decorations become throw pillows for a bed. A related duvet displays a new shower curtain. A men’s dress shirt changes into a little girl’s dress. Attach a piece of fabric to some repurposed drapes to customize them for your home.